‘Puddle’ table to debut at the Walpole Luxury Press Day – June 19th at Somerset House, London

Daniel Spring debuts his ‘Puddle’ series of polished stainless steel coffee tables, which can be stacked, used separately, or joined together in a variety of configurations.

Inspired by the reflection of clouds in water, these tables are intended to be both practical and glamorous, forming a conversation-starting centrepiece to any room. Clients are welcome to specify alternative dimensions and finishes, with a minimum order of eight.

“Walking home from the workshop through London Fields park one rainy March day, I saw a reflection of light in a puddle and thought it looked like polished metal. I worked the idea into a modular geometric shape that can be tessellated to make a table of any size. I wanted this piece to be interactive, and thought it could be great fun as a cocktail party game”.

The tables will be unveiled at the Walpole Press Day on June 19th at Somerset House in London.



For more information, please contact:

Claire Landon


07866 234 319